Assign a Delegated Administrator to manage AWS CloudFormation StackSets across your AWS Organization

AWS CloudFormation StackSets extends the functionality of stacks by enabling you to create, update, or delete stacks across multiple accounts and regions with a single operation. Last year, we introduced StackSets integration with AWS Organizations, allowing you to define a central template that can be applied across AWS accounts, reducing the need for you to set up permissions, networking needs, and infrastructure for each new account, and allowing you to easily apply changes across your organization. We are now announcing the ability to delegate an AWS member account in your organization as an administrator to create and manage stack sets for your entire organization. Delegated administration removes the need for you to access the management account for stack sets administration on behalf of the organization. Using this feature enables you to adopt an AWS security best-practice, which recommends that you delegate responsibilities outside of the management account where possible.

Source:: Amazon AWS