Ahead of Patch Tuesday, a cautionary tale

Microsoft has officially deemed Windows 10 version 2004 as “ready for business,” but I’d argue it still needs a bit more help to be fully ready for consumers. With this month’s Patch Tuesday upon us, here’s an example of what I mean. It involves mysterious NAS issues, some sleuthing, and a workaround — all of which show how troublesome updates can be sometimes.

This case involves one AskWoody subscriber who told me recently that each time he upgraded to Windows 10 2004 the installation would break his computer. Like any good geek who refuses to let technology get the best of me, I emailed him back and asked for more information about what was getting broken when he upgraded. Turns out, he would lose access to mapped drives on his NAS (network attached storage) devices. Though he tried to remap the drives, they would fail, forcing him to roll back to  Windows 10 1909 — where everything would work.

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Source:: Computerworld