Have a pacemaker and an iPhone? Could be a deadly combination

Forget about all those contradictory reports about whether smartphones could give you brain cancer. Apple itself this week issued a warning that the iPhone 12 could attack your heart.

The Jan. 23 Apple advisory said iPhone magnets can affect “medical devices such as implanted pacemakers and defibrillators.” Fear not, though. There are only about 1.3 million Americans with pacemakers, a figure growing rapidly each year. Defibrillators are also common, but I couldn’t find any reliable stats for them.

The warning pointed out that the latest iPhones contain magnets, radios and “components” (when Apple makes a point of using vague terms like components, I get nervous) that emit electromagnetic fields. The company’s new MagSafe charging accessories also contain magnets and some contain radios.

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Source:: Computerworld