The bit of Googley brilliance Android needs to borrow from Chrome OS

As we finally approach the end of this endless-seeming year, it’s time to start thinking ahead to what we hope to see in the future — and here in the land o’ Android, there’s one wish in particular that keeps coming back to the top of my curiously misshapen noggin.

It’s something that ties into Google’s other major platform — the closely connected, Chromebook-powering Chrome OS. And it’s something that that platform handles in a way that puts Android (and pretty much every other operating system out there, for that matter) to shame.

I’m talking about the refreshing simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness Chrome OS brings into the initial device setup process — and the almost surreal way it lets you reset an existing device or sign into a new one and have it look and feel exactly like your own device within a matter of minutes.

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Source:: Computerworld