AWS IoT Core Device Advisor now available in preview

AWS IoT Core Device Advisor, a fully managed cloud-based test capability for validating IoT devices, is now available in preview. Previously, device developers had to build their own test infrastructure to confirm if their IoT devices could reliably and securely interoperate with AWS IoT Core. This adds to the cost of development and testing, and slows down completion of their IoT projects. Now, developers can use pre-built tests provided by Device Advisor to validate their IoT devices for reliable and secure connectivity with AWS IoT Core. Developers can connect their devices to an IoT Device Advisor test endpoint in the AWS cloud with just a few clicks, and start testing their devices. Developers can identify common device software issues such as IoT devices being unable to reconnect by using the pre-built test for MQTT reconnect. Developers can get detailed logs in Amazon CloudWatch to troubleshoot and fix the issues during their development and testing cycles before deploying their devices in production. Device Advisor also provides a signed qualification report which can be used by hardware partners to qualify their devices for inclusion in the AWS Partner Device Catalog.

Source:: Amazon AWS