10 ways Google Assistant devices can help with working from home

Working from home can be a major adjustment from toiling away in a traditional office environment, as so many desk-dwelling humans have been reminded this year. You’ve got less equipment, less face-to-face collaboration, and less sophisticated snacking options (probably the biggest downside of all, if you ask me).

But on top of that, you’ve almost certainly got no in-person assistant standing by to help you, even if you were lucky enough to enjoy such support in a previous life.

Well, my friend, allow me to introduce you to your new on-demand associate. It may not be able to do everything a human assistant can handle, but it’ll be eagerly standing by and waiting in your home office — perched jauntily atop your desk, even — at every waking hour. And no matter what type of work (or perhaps even non-work) you’re doing, it’ll always be full of energy and ready to help out in any way it can.

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Source:: Computerworld