Amazon Textract supports handwriting and five new languages

By GIXnews

Amazon Textract, a machine learning service, extracts text and other data from documents as well as tables and forms. Today, we are pleased to announce two new features:

Amazon Textract now supports recognition of handwritten text from documents such as healthcare forms, prescriptions, dispute letters, tax documents, income documents, checks, claims, academic papers and many more. You can use the Detect Document Text or Analyze Document APIs to process images or PDF’s of scanned documents and extract both printed text and handwriting making it easy for you to automate almost any scanned document processing. You can also use Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I), another AWS service, which makes it easy to build the workflows for human review of the machine learning predictions. You can log in to the Amazon Textract console to test out the handwriting feature, or check out the new demo by Amazon Machine Learning Hero Mike Chambers
Amazon Textract now supports processing of documents with printed text in Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and German. You can start sending documents in these languages for text extraction, and Amazon Textract will automatically detect and extract the information for you.

Source:: Amazon AWS