Reinventing the Industrial IoT Platform for Manufacturing

By GIXnews

MachineMetrics has developed the ideal solution for manufacturers, combining innovation enablement of an IoT platform with the rapid value creation of a packaged saas service. MachineMetrics’ optimal hybrid approach automates the collection and transformation of real-time machine data, augmented with data from people, other devices, and systems, to provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics through packaged SaaS services that provide immediate and continuous value for manufacturers.

This downloadable booklet provides information on:

  • Why the hybrid approach is the best approach for manufacturers
  • How the architecture of the MachineMetrics platform has reinvented the IoT platform
  • Use cases
  • AWS partnership and competency

About MachineMetrics
We solve complex organizational challenges with a holistic digital transformation solution that integrates proprietary data collection technology, advanced analytics, strategy consulting, and a change management approach. With each engagement, we leverage our data collection technology—which integrates IoT-captured machine-data with real-time human feedback—to develop a 360° view of the organization. We use these insights to inform our consulting approach, designing solutions that align with the organization’s best opportunities and greatest needs. Using this holistic approach, we optimize processes, improve efficiency, and support impactful, lasting digital transformation that delivers a positive return on investment.

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