Cisco StarOS IPv6 Denial of Service Vulnerability

By GIXnews

A vulnerability in the IPv6 implementation of Cisco StarOS could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause a denial of service (DoS) condition on an affected device.

The vulnerability is due to insufficient validation of incoming IPv6 traffic. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a crafted IPv6 packet to an affected device. A successful exploit could allow the attacker to cause an unexpected reload of the device, leading to a DoS condition.

This vulnerability is specific to IPv6 traffic. IPv4 traffic is not affected.

Cisco has released software updates that address this vulnerability. There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability.

This advisory is available at the following link:

Security Impact Rating: High

CVE: CVE-2020-3324

Source:: Cisco Security Advisories