Amazon QuickSight launches folders, a new calculations editor experience and more

By GIXnews

Amazon QuickSight now supports folders for organization and sharing. Personal folders allow admins and authors to organize and manage content within their user accounts. Authors and admins can create personal folders and add dashboards, analyses and data sets in them. Personal folders are private to each author/admin and do not affect permissions of assets stored within. Shared folders allow admins and authors to simplify sharing and permissions management over 1000s of dashboards, analyses and data sets, while providing readers with a hierarchical discovery model for information within the team/organization. Shared folders must first be created by QuickSight Admins, who can then grant access to authors and readers. Assets placed in a shared folder will be shared with users at the permission level (owner or viewer) that users have to the folder. Personal and Shared folders are accessible to users from QuickSight’s new home page. This new home page has direct links to favorites and recently accessed items, folders and provides sections specific to dashboards, analyses and data sets, with choice of a new responsive thumbnail view or a list view. Read more about folders in this AWS Big Data blog post.

Source:: Amazon AWS