Accelerating the data center with NVIDIA, Mellanox + Cumulus

By GIXnews

Today’s modern datacenter and cloud architectures are horizontally scalable disaggregated distributed systems. Distributed systems have many individual components that work together independently creating a powerful cohesive solution. Just like how compute is the brains behind a datacenter’s distributed system, the network is the nervous system, responsible for ensuring communication gets to all the individual components. This blog tells you why NVIDIA Mellanox gives NVIDIA a larger footprint in the datacenter. The combination of NVIDIA, Mellanox and Cumulus together can provide end-to-end acceleration technologies for the modern disaggregated data-center.

Accelerating the datacenter

All parties coming together in this acquisition are involved in acceleration technologies in the modern data center:

NVIDIA is at the center of Compute acceleration: Its GPU’s provide compute acceleration for High performance computing and infrastructure for neural networks that power AI assisted application features.
Mellanox comes to the table with its dominance in High performance interconnects, Data and network processing acceleration on the host and hardware for the network fabric
Cumulus Networks provides the Linux stack to accelerate the network fabric by enabling networking hardware features, and accelerating deployment, integration and monitoring of the network fabric with Automation and the Linux ecosystem. Cumulus Networks software architecture and DNA has been in making the datacenter uniform by bringing native Linux hardware acceleration to the network fabric. This has enabled us to look at networking hardware as yet another acceleration component in the disaggregated data center infrastructure.
High performance Computing: NVIDIA and NVIDIA Mellanox have been strong players in the High performance computing space. Linux is dominant in high performance computing. Cumulus Linux plays well with its native Linux networking stack accelerating networking functions with hardware in the network fabric.

The disaggregated systems world

Today’s large scale datacenter is built with disaggregated systems:

This has been true for decades on the compute side.
In the past decade, the open networking revolution brought disaggregation to the network fabric.
NVIDIA Mellanox and NVIDIA Cumulus Networks are leaders in open, disaggregated networking: We have had a successful partnership. This is due to our commitment to Linux and open source and contributions to Linux projects and communities.
Mellanox plays well in the Linux ecosystem with their open drivers and other networking infrastructure. Cumulus Networks builds a NOS distribution for this disaggregated networking fabric by adopting a Native Linux networking hardware acceleration.
NVIDIA plays a crucial role in influencing the Accelerated-Disaggregated Compute Infrastructure space.
One of the main advantages of disaggregated architecture is easier integration, extension and faster pace of systems development: Together NVIDIA, Mellanox and Cumulus are a powerhouse for building systems (hardware and software) for the Open disaggregated data center and beyond.

I believe this acquisition will greatly help accelerate innovation in datacenter infrastructure.

Source:: Cumulus Networks