AWS Marketplace AMIs now supported with Spot Instances in the EC2 Launch Instance Wizard

Starting today, AWS customers can enable Spot Instances for AWS Marketplace Amazon Machine Image (AMI) products while launching new instances through the EC2 console Launch Instance Wizard (LIW). With this launch, you can reduce costs on the EC2 instances you need to run your third-party software on AWS. Spot Instances enable you to request unused EC2 instances at steep discounts- up to 90% compared to On-Demand prices- so you can lower your Amazon EC2 costs. Spot Instances are a cost-effective choice if have flexibility with running your third-party applications and if your applications are fault-tolerant. Customers—including Salesforce, Lyft, Zillow, Novartis and Autodesk—use Spot Instances to reduce costs and get faster results. For example, Salesforce saved over 80% vs On-Demand Instance pricing, and doubled the speed of processing machine learning and ETL workloads with Spot Instances.

Source:: Amazon AWS