What is Wi-Fi and why is it so important?

By GIXnews

Most people are aware of the wireless icon symbol on a computer or smartphone that indicates a successful wireless LAN connection, but fewer understand the origins of the technology that has been dubbed as Wi-Fi.

Interestingly, the term Wi-Fi originally did not represent the technology itself, but rather was a branding term devised to promote and support interoperability between different wireless LAN systems. Wi-Fi was never a shortened version of wireless fidelity; it was just a pun on the word hi-fi (high fidelity), an homage to high-quality audio technology.

The term Wi-Fi was created by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, which later became the Wi-Fi Alliance. In April 2000, the group announced the first set of Wi-Fi Certified products, starting with IEEE 802.11b products. Now more than 20 years later, there are more than 15 billion Wi-Fi products in use around the world, according to the alliance.

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Source:: IT news – Networking