How to get HBO Max on your Fire TV right now

By GIXnews

HBO Max launched last week without support for Amazon’s Fire TV devices, and it might be a while before that changes.

As Protocol’s Janko Roettgers reported, Amazon and AT&T’s WarnerMedia unit are fighting over several issues, including Amazon’s cut of ad revenue in other WarnerMedia apps and whether Amazon’s Channels service should handle HBO Max distribution, as it does now for HBO proper. Although WarnerMedia is also in a dispute with Roku, it sounds like those companies are closer to a deal that will bring HBO Max to Roku devices soon.

Fortunately, Fire TV users don’t have to wait for Amazon and WarnerMedia to resolve their money squabbles. Instead, you can get HBO Max’s expanded catalog and new-and-improved app right now by sideloading the Android TV version onto your Fire TV device. (For more on what HBO Max offers, and how you can upgrade from an existing HBO subscription, head to our explainer.)

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