Cumulus Networks’ President and Chief Product Officer, Partho Mishra, on the NVIDIA-Cumulus acquisition.

With the acquisition of Cumulus Networks and Mellanox by NVIDIA, there have been a lot of questions regarding the strategic focus of the new networking business unit at NVIDIA and the future of the open networking approach that Cumulus Networks pioneered.

The open networking journey continues

Mellanox and Cumulus are absolutely committed to open networking and allowing our customers to pick best-of-breed solutions. Cumulus will continue to support all of the hardware platforms on our Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and to add new hardware platforms from multiple hardware partners to the HCL. Mellanox already offers multiple Network-Operating-Systems — ONYX, SONIC, Cumulus Linux – to customers and this continues unchanged. In terms of total code commits to open source projects, such as FRR, SONIC and the Linux networking kernel, Cumulus+Mellanox have contributed very heavily in the past and will continue to do so in the future. This is an integral part of our DNA.

Check out the latest episode of Kernel of Truth o hear me and Amit Katz discuss more about the future of open networking including how SONIC and Cumulus Linux will work together, what happens to open “campus” networking and the next generation of in-band telemetry.

The next generation data center is born

NVIDIA has a very powerful vision — the data center of the future is the fundamental unit of computing. The next generation applications which run in these data centers are inherently distributed across the high performance computing (HPC) nodes and the network that interconnects these nodes has to be a high performance “back-plane” — one that provides lower latency, high bandwidth and the built-in automation that allows the virtual network topology to seamlessly adapt to application needs. The combination of Cumulus and Mellanox technology is uniquely able to address these requirements and facilitate the creation of the next generation data center.

We are very proud that the “open networking” dream that our founders, JR Rivers and Nolan Leak pioneered has been fulfilled. We see a bright future ahead and I am personally fired up about the challenges ahead.

Over the next few days, we’ll be publishing additional blog posts here on this topic by several great minds at Cumulus Networks. Stay tuned for more.

Source:: Cumulus Networks