AzireVPN review: A small service with solid performance

By GIXnews

The advantage of a large VPN service with thousands of servers is that it’s much easier for traffic to just blend into the background noise of a busy connection. Smaller VPNs don’t really have that, but there are still special advantages such as an easier time reaching Netflix without any special measures. We’ve also noticed that the services paying a higher level of attention to privacy and anonymity tend to be on the smaller side.

Sweden-based AzireVPN is one privacy-focused service. With AzireVPN you don’t get a lot of the frills you might be used to. The desktop app is nothing to get excited about, the country list is tiny, and the server count doesn’t even top 40. Still, the speeds are good, the privacy promises are right, and it’s a solid choice for maintaining a modicum of anonymity for those who need it.

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Source:: IT news – Security