Want to listen to Spotify remotely with your friends? There’s an app for that

By GIXnews

Spotify officially debuted its long-percolating Group Sessions feature on May 11. With Group Sessions nearby friends can take charge of your Spotify music queue. It’s handy for, say, hosting a Spotify party in your backyard, but it won’t let you listen with friends remotely.

Group Sessions nonethless got me thinking of Turntable.fm, the legendary and long-defunct web and mobile app that let you join rooms where you and your friends could listen to tunes together, passing the DJ mantle back and forth and voting on each other’s picks. Turntable.fm only lasted a couple of years (the service shuttered after it finally signed licensing deals with the four big U.S. music labels), but it was great while it lasted. Those of us who miss it have been looking for a replacement ever since.

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