Updates to AWS Deep Learning Containers with Amazon Elastic Inference for TensorFlow and PyTorch & Training and Inference For TensorFlow

By GIXnews

The AWS Deep Learning Containers for Elastic Inference are available today with the framework versions PyTorch 1.3.1, TensorFlow 1.15.0, and TensorFlow 2.0.0. The PyTorch 1.3.1 upgrade includes the newly added SageMaker Inference and SageMaker PyTorch Inference. The TensorFlow 1.15.0 and TensorFlow 2.0.0 upgrades include the latest versions of TensorFlow Model Server for use with Elastic Inference. You can launch the new versions of the Deep Learning Containers on Amazon SageMaker, on Amazon EC2, and on Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). For a complete list of packages and versions supported by these Deep Learning Containers, see the release notes.

Source:: Amazon AWS