Spotify’s Group Session feature lets your friends control your music queue

By GIXnews

If you and your housemates are squabbling over what plays next on Spotify, a new feature for Premium members might help keep the peace.

Making its beta debut today after several months of under-the-radar development, the Group Session lets your friends take control of the tunes in your Spotify queue. The catch? You’ll all need to be in relatively close proximity to each other.

To start a Group Session, you just tap the Connect button in the bottom-left corner of the Spotify playback interface. Beneath the usual list of computers, speakers, and other Spotify Connect-compatible devices, you’ll see a “Start a group session” heading with a code beneath. If your friends scan the code with their phones, they’ll join your Spotify Group Session. Conversely, you can tap the “Scan to Join” button to scan a friend’s code and join their Group Session.

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