Cord-cutting myths busted: Why you should stop worrying and dump cable

By GIXnews

While your gas, car insurance, and credit card bills have all shrunk due to the coronavirus quarantine, there’s one monthly payment that’s as big as it ever was: your cable bill. And it’s not about to go down anytime soon, even with reruns likely to stretch into the winter. So if you’re starting to explore your options for cutting cable once and for all, we’re here to dispel a few myths that might be giving you pause.

Myth: Your monthly bill will start low and go up
Fact: You can keep your bill as low as you want

Everything you’ve heard about streaming services is true: generous trial periods turn into recurring monthly bills and prices increase on a regular basis. And with more services popping up every month, it might seem like your cord-cutting bill won’t actually be cheaper than your cable one.

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