AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise Now Supports Custom Domains

By GIXnews

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise now supports custom domains. Through the existing interfaces you can now provide a custom fully qualified domain name (FQDN), its matching SSL certificate, and SSL private key and have the OpsWorks server configured accordingly. After you have created a Canonical Name (CNAME) entry in your DNS management service to point to the internal OpsWorks endpoint, you will find your Puppet Enterprise Dashboard under a domain of your choice instead of the generic OpsWorks-created one. Also, this will now be the public endpoint of your OpsWorks server. By using a custom domain with an SSL certificate that you manage, you have an endpoint that stays the same regardless of the server being re-created: any node under management by the OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise server will stay associated through this endpoint.

Source:: Amazon AWS