Cumulus content roundup: February 2020

Are you looking for a break from the general news? Our content round-ups are a great source for all the recent blogs (and more!) that we’ve shared. From podcasts, to product updates, to industry thought leadership and even customer examples of how they’re implementing open networking technology— we’ve got it all here for you.

Dive into the content below and update yourself on what’s been happening. It may just be that needed break from the rest of the news that you were looking for.

From Cumulus Networks:

VXLAN/EVPN vs VRF Lite: In this blog Rama Darbha, Senior Consulting Engineer at Cumulus Networks, talks through the difference between VXLAN with EVPN and VRFLite and offers up his conclusion as to which solution is better.

Kernel of Truth season 3 episode 1: FRRouting update: Season three jumps right into the deep end of the pool with a discussion on FRRouting. Listen as hosts Brian O’Sullivan & Roopa Prabhu chat about what’s new with the FRR community with a new guest to the podcast, FRR expert Donald Sharp.

Topology matters: how port-per-workload management strategies no longer hold up: A new way of looking at switching—as a logical, rather than physical, topology—is now required. To explain this more, we focus on two main concepts in our blog here.

Why edge computing needs open networking: Open networking is important to edge computing because organizations need networking that can keep up, something that industry-leading networking struggles to do. Learn more about why in this blog.

ONIE 2020 update: ONIE project lead Alex Doyle talks about his recent work on the projects and elaborates on why he’s recommending DUE to solve historical build problems at the upcoming, and now virtual, OCP Summit 2020.

News from the web:

Businesses Building AI Applications Are Shifting to Open Infrastructure: Ami Badani, CMO here at Cumulus Networks, shares why businesses building AI applications are shifting to open infrastructure. Read the latest via insideBIGDATA here.

A look at our new routers: Cumulus Networks customer Redpill Linpro – provider of professional Open Source services and products shows how they’re updating all the routers in their network backbone to run Cumulus Linux. Take a closer look at the new routers and topology of their new network backbone here (pictures included).

Source:: Cumulus Networks