Apple may or may not switch Macs over from Intel to AMD, but it should

By GIXnews

Over a year ago, I argued that Apple should replace Intel with AMD in its Mac lineup. Today, the choice seems even clearer. From low-power laptops to the big iron in the Mac Pro, Apple would be well-served to consider AMD alternatives to Intel CPUs.

The Mac Pro: Threadripper

The Mac Pro is a big, expensive, high-power system made for heavy multithreaded workloads. So Apple equips it with Intel Xeon workstation processors, from the 8-core, 16-thread W-3223 to the 28-core, 56-thread W-3275M. The cheapest, slowest model retails for $750 and has a thermal design power of 160 watts, and that scales up to almost $7,500 and 205 watts on the high end.

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Source:: IT news – Hardware Systems