A new era for Cumulus in the Cloud

When we launched Cumulus in the Cloud (CitC) over two years ago, we saw it as a way for our customer base to test out Cumulus Linux in a safe sandboxed environment. Looking back, September 2017 feels like an eternity ago.

Since then, CitC has become a place where we’ve been able to roll out new functionality and solutions to customers and Cumulus-curious alike — and we’ve done some really interesting things (some of our favs include integrating it with an Openstack demo and Mesos demo). It’s pretty much become a Cumulus technology playground.

As our CitC offering has evolved, we’ve also taken stock of the requirements from our customers and realized the direction we want to take CitC. So where is it heading? We’re excited to share that with the launch of our production-ready automation solution last week, CitC will have a new user experience and user interface.

Out with the old:

In with the new:

This redesigned UI comes with some really great enhancements:

  • Auto-deployed production ready demos

  • Customized external connectivity to oob-mgmt-server to run user customized applications

  • Default lifetime increased to 12 hours

  • NetQ native integration within the demo

  • Ability to store and wake up simulations


  • Improvements to provisioning and load times, simulations should load in less than 5 minutes!

We have some exciting future plans for CitC that will help us to better demonstrate how to leverage all the power of open networking. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we release more posts around how the new and improved CITC is going to enable better demos and playground environments!

If you want a deeper dive into some of the details of why and how we ended up with such a unique production-ready automation solution, Justin Betz gives a great overview in his blog here.

As we make this cutover to the new redesign of CitC, we are taking any feedback via our public slack on cumulusnetworks.slack.com via #citc channel. Head over to https://cumulusnetworks.com/products/cumulus-in-the-cloud/ to try our new CitC experience.

Source:: Cumulus Networks