AWS Global Accelerator now supports Bring Your Own IP Addresses and Resource Tagging

By GIXnews

Starting today, you can bring your own IP addresses (BYOIP) to AWS Global Accelerator to advertise public /24 IP address ranges that you own from edge of the AWS global network. BYOIP enables you to front your applications in Global Accelerator with your own IP addresses, including addresses that are whitelisted in client applications, without making any client-facing changes. This allows you to move all or part of your critical and latency-sensitive applications that use hard-coded IP addresses to AWS, with high availability and performance. This also allows you to use your own IP addresses, registered in specific countries, with AWS workloads that are hosted globally, to satisfy regulatory or compliance requirements. Traffic destined to these IP addresses will be intelligently routed to the optimal endpoint by Global Accelerator over the AWS global network. Global Accelerator fails over traffic to the next available endpoint in less than 30 seconds in response to changes in application health or configuration.

Source:: Amazon AWS