Nvidia’s eye-searing new G-Sync Ultimate monitors push displays even further into the future

By GIXnews

When Nvidia’s G-Sync Ultimate monitors launched in 2018, they were hands-down the best gaming monitors ever created. Not only were they among the first 4K, 144Hz monitors available, but they were some of the first 1000-nit HDR monitors available too, and the displays were loaded with all-sorts of bleeding-edge tech. We crowned the $2000 Acer Predator X27 “the Holy Grail of gaming monitors” despite some niggling quirks.

Now, Nvidia and its partners are pushing things even further—while squashing those minor irritations.

Announced Monday at CES in Las Vegas, the new breed of G-Sync Ultimate monitors (née G-Sync HDR) cram a whopping 1,152 backlight zones behind the screen, compared to the already-damned-impressive 384 backlight zones in the original behemoths. More backlights mean the IPS panel can generate high-dynamic resolution (HDR) images with that much more precision, delivering a much more impressive contrast ratio. Speaking of HDR, the 1000-nit Predator X27 is still one of the brightest panels around, but these new 10-bit-color G-Sync Ultimate displays crank things to 11 with a searing 1400 nits. Wow.

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