Linksys Velop mesh Wi-Fi routers are evolving into smart home controllers—and more

By GIXnews

If the Linksys Aware announcement a few months ago left you scratching your head, wondering why you’d want to use a router to track movement inside your house, join the club. Well, I just attended an in-depth demo at CES put on by Linksys and Origin Wireless—the company that developed the technology that makes Linksys Aware possible—and it was pretty badass.

Origin’s technology monitors disruptions in the wireless mesh network that a Linksys Velop router creates inside your house. When a large disruption is detected, such as would be caused by someone moving inside the house at a time when you expected the home to be empty, Linksys Aware can send you an alert. But Linksys and Origin have also developed a new product they’re calling a Wellness Pod that can track infinitesimally small disruptions in the mesh—to the level of a prone person breathing.

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