Intel already has a working DG1 ‘Xe’ graphics card, but it’s only for developers

By GIXnews

You could almost hear a collective sigh from PC gamers on Monday when Intel showed off its first modern discrete GPU confined to a laptop instead of a desktop.

That all changed this morning when Intel revealed that it’s already begun shipping a desktop DG1 graphics card based on the company’s forthcoming Xe graphics architecture—but only to developers.

Intel’s building the DG1 Software Development Vehicle solely to ship to game and app developers around the world, so they can begin optimizing for the company’s new graphics architecture.

And no, before you ask, you couldn’t buy the Intel DG1 SDV even if you wanted to. If you’re wondering how many execution units its has, what clock speed it runs at, and what kind of RAM it has—we don’t know and Intel won’t say. Although it’s rumored to have 96 EUs (execution units), Intel wouldn’t confirm or deny that either.

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Source:: IT news – Hardware Systems