HP’s self-cooling Omen Mindframe headset is just $60–a $90 discount

By GIXnews

Active cooling isn’t just for PC components anymore—it’s also for your ears. And today, you can get some prime ear-cooling gear at a fantastic price. HP’s Omen Mindframe gaming headset is just $60 at Amazon, down from a typical price that jumps between $100 and $150, and way, way down from the original $200 MSRP. We dug these air-conditioned cans even at full price. At a mere $60? They’re a steal.

The biggest feature of the Omen Mindframe headset is their FrostCap earcups. These are the aforementioned active cooling earcups, which come with a thermoelectric cooler built-in. The idea is that excess heat flows from one side to the other and away from your tender ears.

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Source:: IT news – Hardware Systems