New AWS Deep Learning AMIs with Updated Framework Support: Tensorflow 1.15 & 2.0, PyTorch 1.3.1, and MXNet 1.6.0-rc0

The AWS Deep Learning AMIs are available on Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Amazon Linux 2, and Amazon Linux with TensorFlow 1.15, Tensorflow 2.0, PyTorch 1.3.1, MXNet 1.6.0-rc0. Also new in this version is support for AWS Neuron, a SDK for running inference using AWS Inferentia chips. It consists of a compiler, run-time, and profiling tools that enable developers to run high-performance and low latency inference using Inferentia-based EC2 Inf1 instances. Neuron is pre-integrated into popular machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow, Pytorch, and MXNet to deliver optimal performance of EC2 Inf1 instances. Customers using Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances will receive the highest performance and lowest cost for machine learning inference in the cloud, and no longer need to make the sub-optimal tradeoff between optimizing for latency or throughput when running large machine learning models in production.

Source:: Amazon AWS