Cumulus content roundup: November 2019

There’s a lot to be thankful for this month- and not just for open networking in general. Why? Well we’ve officially headed into the holidays at full steam with the recent Cumulus Linux 4.0 announcement, Cumulus NetQ 2.4 and more!

Catch up on all the latest Cumulus news, releases, and what’s to come in November’s content roundup. If you’re feeling extra thankful, head over to our last #BeEPIC game of 2019 here and share why you’re thankful for open networking. If you do, you’ll be entered to win a LEGO set and Hall of Fame status.

From Cumulus Networks:

Cumulus Networks 4th-Generation open, modern networking for applications of the future: Learn how we’re enabling customers to meet modern network challenges with our 4th-Generation of open, modern software— designed to run and operate modern, data center and campus networks that are simple, open, agile, resilient and scalable.

Kernel of Truth season 2 episode 13: Open networking is not whitebox: In this episode host Brian O’Sullivan is joined by Roopa Prabhu and Pete Lumbis to discuss why open networking is not just whitebox, it’s so much more.

Prevent lateral compromise with microsegmentation: Good network design can minimize the damage incurred during an attack. There are more ways to approach this than will fit in a single article, so this blog will only focus on networks segmentation, and its smaller sibling, microsegmentation.

News from the web:

Cumulus Networks unveils updates to its Linux OS and NetQ: Check out this article by Mike Robuck via FierceTelecom to hear more about our recent announcement of Cumulus Linux 4.0 and NetQ 2.4 versions now available.

Benchmark study reveals open infrastructure at the core of data center transformations: Read this article by The Global Banking and Finance Review to find out details of the recent survey that found 59% of companies currently use open networking solutions as they take advantage of innovative technologies such as AI and 5G.

Cumulus Linux 4.0 supports new Mellanox, Broadcom chips and Facebook Minipack: More coverage about our Cumulus Linux 4.0 and NetQ 2.4 product announcement by Tobias Mann via SDX Central.

Source:: Cumulus Networks