Amazon Textract is now PCI DSS certified and extracts even more data from tables and forms

By GIXnews

Amazon Textract is a machine learning service that makes it easy and quick to retrieve text and structured data like tables and forms using our DetectText or AnalyzeDoc APIs, without requiring any custom configuration or templates. One advantage of a managed service like Amazon Textract is that customers benefit from continuous improvement over time. Today, we are pleased to announce that Amazon Textract is now PCI DSS certified. This means that you can now use Amazon Textract for all workloads that require Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) information security standard, such as cardholder data (CHD) or sensitive authentication data (SAD). Also starting today, AWS launched a set of quality enhancements that make Amazon Textract even more accurate for our tables and forms features.

Source:: Amazon AWS