Google’s Chrome OS 78 gives Chromebooks virtual desktops, click-to-call, and longer support spans

By GIXnews

Google quietly made Chromebooks a substantially better value this week by adding virtual desktops and click-to-call capabilities to Chrome OS, and extending the support lifespan of existing Chromebooks by about a year.

Google announced Tuesday that it’s begun pushing Chrome OS 78 to Chromebooks, The updated OS includes three new key features: virtual desktops, called Virtual Desks; click-to-call connections to Android phones, and simpler connections to printers.

Virtual desktops have already appeared in Windows, of course, as part of Task View, which can be accessed via the Windows taskbar. In Chrome OS, the way to access Virtual Desks is through a button in the upper righthand corner, or by using the Shift + Search + = shortcut. You can switch from Desk to Desk by using the Search + ] shortcut.

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