Disney+ ‘hack’ panic stresses why you need to use unique passwords

By GIXnews

The scary headlines started popping up almost immediately. “Thousands of hacked Disney+ accounts are already for sale on hacking forums,” ZDNet proclaimed last week. This morning, the BBC followed up with “Disney+ fans without answers after thousands hacked.” Well, I’ve got an answer for you, and it’s one you’ve probably heard before. Stop reusing passwords across multiple services and websites.

Both sites found “thousands” of Disney+ logins available on the Dark Web—just over 4,000, in the BBC’s case. When the publications reached out to affected customers, some admitted that they reused existing passwords for Disney+, while some denied it. But given the low number of so-called “hacks”—a few thousand confirmed for a service that already boasts over 10 million users is a drop in a pool, as RockPaperShotgun cofounder John Walker points out—it seems likely that bad password behavior is more to blame than a breach on Disney’s part.

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Source:: IT news – Security