Amazon GuardDuty Supports Exporting Findings to an Amazon S3 Bucket

By GIXnews

Amazon GuardDuty customers can now export findings to Amazon S3 using the GuardDuty management console and API. With findings export, aggregating findings from across regions is simplified. When configured from the GuardDuty master account, customers can export findings from all associated member accounts and all AWS regions to a single customer owned S3 bucket. The S3 bucket used can be in the same account in which GuardDuty is enabled, or in a different AWS account. Once Findings export is configured in each Region, Amazon GuardDuty findings are automatically exported from GuardDuty to the configured Amazon S3 bucket. This feature enhancement gives customers a simplified way to aggregate all findings to a single customer owned Amazon S3 bucket across all accounts and regions for integration with other AWS services, third-party applications, or for long-term retention.

Source:: Amazon AWS