On-site Data Center Challenges Explored in New QTS Report

By GIXnews

on-site data center

Should you still be in the data-center business? That’s the first question asked in a new report from QTS that explores the challenges of on-site data centers, and some of the key questions facing data-heavy businesses today.

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Given the “meteoric rise of cloud computing,” many CTOs and CIOs are revisiting the discussion of where data and IT infrastructure should live. On-site or outsource?

Yes, today’s businesses certainly have to decide whether a cloud-first approach is the right one for their enterprise. But in the current data-driven world, company leaders are also having to debate whether or not to keep their infrastructure on premises or move to a colocation provider.

“In the race to the cloud, we’re also seeing a significant rise in cloud repatriation. Companies who jumped too quickly are facing repercussions and are forced to shift applications and workloads back from the cloud, oftentimes at a hefty price,” QTS states in the report.

If this is the case for your enterprise, it may be the time to assess whether to rebuild a data center, or turn to different, off-site options.

There are benefits to both scenarios, of course, and many who decide to keep their data centers on premises will be working to leverage existing investments.

“Consumers have an insatiable need for connectivity with low latency and this demand is driving enterprises to rethink their connectivity strategy.” — QTS

This report, in particular, explores 13 risks and challenges to keep in mind if you decide to build your own data center.

These include connectivity concerns, power and cooling tips, notes on scale, tax abatement, climate change and more.

The new QTS white paper covers the following 13 risks and scenarios in detail:

  • Connectivity Options, Latency and Bandwidth
  • Power and Cooling Reliability
  • Ability to Scale
  • Cost Control
  • Tax Abatement
  • Redundant Power
  • Climate
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Building Maintenance
  • Security
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks
  • All Data Centers Aren’t Created Equal
  • Ultimately, the explosion in data-driven technology, like the IoT and more, as well as growing consumer needs for connectivity with low latency, is pushing many data-heavy enterprises to revisit their connectivity and data strategies.

    Download the full report, “13 Risks of an On Premises Data Center,” to highlight some of the challenges, and ins and outs of on-site data centers, as well as growing colocation provider opportunities.

    Source:: Data Center Frontier