Nest Wifi’s integrated smart speakers could give it an edge over Amazon Echo

By GIXnews

It’s been a long three years since Google introduced its Google Wifi mesh router. After a messy reorganization in which Nest lost its semi-autonomy to become Google’s smart home brand, the company introduced the new Nest Wifi at its Made by Google event in New York on Tuesday.

Google Nest VP and general manager Rishi Chandra didn’t specifically describe the Nest Wifi as a mesh router, but he did say the system would consist of a router that plugs into your broadband modem or gateway, and a satellite he called Point. According to Chandra, a Nest Wifi router and a single Point should be sufficient to cover 85 percent of households. According to this page on the Google Store, the Nest Wi follows the IEEE 802.11s standard for mesh networking, so I presume it’s an 802.11ac router.

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Source:: IT news – Networking