Get a lifetime subscription to Disconnect VPN Premium for just $20

By GIXnews

Hackers use tracking software to harvest data from their unsuspecting victims. But did you know that corporations and even your own government use them also? Protect yourself against all forms of tracking software, regardless of the source, with a subscription to Disconnect VPN — discounted now by up to 94 percent.

Tracking software is used for a whole host of reasons. Corporations, for instance, use it to monitor your web surfing habits so that advertising can be directed to you. On the surface, this activity may not seem like a big deal. The problem, though, is that others with malicious intent may also use trackers to steal your private information, which can threaten your personal security. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s easy to stop them with a subscription to Disconnect VPN.

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Source:: IT news – Security