Future of Fiber Optics, Data Center Networks Closely Tied

By GIXnews

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Demands for data volumes and data rates are growing at a never-before-seen pace. Where does this demand come from? Everywhere from hyperscale data center investments, which are generating innovation in construction, equipment and processes, all the way to next generation network demands and more.

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A new white paper from Panduit explores how the data center fiber optic networking infrastructure requirements need to change and evolve to meet current and future demands for data volumes and data rates, which are only going to continue to grow.

Internet traffic is exploding inside and outside of the data center. According to the report, forecasts for volumes of data traffic are rising in a variety of categories, including:

  • Internal data center traffic
  • Traffic entering and leaving the data center
  • Mobile traffic
  • Consumer generated traffic
  • Enterprise IT data
  • Machine generated traffic
  • IoT

Take machine learning alone; Deloitte Global predicts machine learning chips used in data centers will grow from a 100K to 200K run rate in 2016 to 800K this year.

The paper studies in detail how 200 Gigabit (Gbps) and 400 Gbps Ethernet (GE) fiber optics technology have evolved and how they should advance to 800GE and 1.6TE, to meet the aforementioned demands and more, according to Panduit.

And the report provides a current and future road map for FC and Ethernet developments, including migration paths to 100GBE, 200GBE, 400GBE, 800GBE AND 1.6Tbps.

How can we “future proof” data center networks, the report asks?

According to Panduit, setting the correct standards is key for infrastructure development and network design.

“International standards allow data center owners to create stable platforms to use today and to plan for future migration paths,” the report states.

And standards act as a “foundation” to protect investments while also supporting new data-heavy tech and apps.

Can fiber optic cable and connectivity systems are a critical path-way that can potentially take today’s 10G – 40G systems through to 100G and 400G, and beyond?

This new white paper aims to answer that question, and more, and contains the following four sections:

  • Demand Drivers for High Speed Ethernet
  • Traffic Growth Forecasts – Infographics
  • Current and Future Road Maps for High Speed Ethernet Fiber Optics
  • How Panduit is Future Proofing the Data Center Network
  • Download the full report, courtesy of Panduit, “Light Into Money: The Future of Fiber Optics in Data Center Networks,” to learn more about how the two are connected.

    Source:: Data Center Frontier