Delivering Reach & Performance with Fiber Optic Cabling Systems

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Fiber Optic Cabling

Pushing the limits. This, according to a new white paper from Panduit, is going to be what moves network performance into the next era. The new report explores how fiber optic cabling systems can help ensure network performance is leading edge, ahead of the competition — and work to accelerate network infrastructure.

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The white paper in particular explores Panduit’s Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling Systems and the ins and outs of their multimode fiber communication capabilities.

Bottom line: With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), Smart cities, and more, the demand to increase high speed data transport supporting this growth is stressing our traditional network infrastructure — especially the physical layer, according to Panduit

“The need to specify the highest bandwidth fiber cable plant solutions in the face of this information is paramount,” the report states.

Panduit asks this question: Are you prepared to handle future data rate and capacity demands? If you aren’t sure, try reviewing these four questions:

  • Is your network experiencing downtime risks from latency challenges?
  • Are you able to shrink ‘time to service’ in an increasingly dynamic environment?
  • Can you beat bandwidth bottlenecks with a strong migration path?
  • Are you able to seamlessly and cost efficiently scale your network with current and legacy channels?

Panduit walks readers through a series of tools and steps that can help address any of these challenges, starting with “conquering” wavelength speed variances in multimode fiber. Wavelength speed variance, or Chromatic Dispersion is caused by the “spreading of light due to slightly different colors of wavelengths of light that make up the optimal signal.”

As to how this was conquered, the report states, “Our optical fiber research team was the first to discover the interaction between chromatic and modal dispersions, which affects the overall performance of multimode fiber channels.”

Ultimately, the new report contends the optimal foundation to tackle bandwidth challenges is a fiber solution specially engineered to reliably handle information carrying capacity over a distance.

“Ensuring optimal network performance is critical to your organization. As the foundation of your network infrastructure, your fiber optic cabling system cannot be taken for granted.” — Panduit

Careful consideration must be made in terms of return on investment to determine which fiber grade provides ‘best value’ as a transmission medium to support both current and future needs of your physical layer infrastructure.

The new Panduit report includes the following sections:

  • Level Set Your Network Performance
  • Conquer Wavelength Speed Variances in Multimode Fiber
  • Pushing the Limits of SWDM Reach, Standards-based Ethernet and BiDi
  • Tackle Bandwidth Concerns

Download the full report, “Pushing the Limits: The Signature Core Fiber Optic Cabling Systems,” courtesy of Panduit, to learn more about how a fiber-optics solution can increase flexibility, agility, scalability, ease of deployment and more.

Source:: Data Center Frontier