Ask a PC expert: Is an Nvidia G-Sync monitor worth it vs. AMD FreeSync?

By GIXnews

Nvidia’s G-Sync monitors cost a steep premium over AMD’s rival FreeSync Displays. But are they worth it, especially now that Nvidia lets you use FreeSync panels with GeForce graphics cards? It’s a complicated issue, but PCWorld graphics guru Brad Chacos unravels what you need to know in the video below.

Both G-Sync and FreeSync panels revolve around the same core variable refresh rate technology, also known as adaptive sync. Standard monitors refresh their image at a constant speed, such as 60Hz or 144Hz. Adaptive sync monitors synchronize your monitor’s refresh rate to your graphics card’s output—hence their name. Doing so prevents ugly screen tearing and stuttering, giving you a delicious, buttery-smooth gaming experience.

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