Amazon S3 introduces Same-Region Replication

By GIXnews

Amazon S3 now supports automatic and asynchronous replication of newly uploaded S3 objects to a destination bucket in the same AWS Region. Amazon S3 Same-Region Replication (SRR) adds a new replication option to Amazon S3, building on S3 Cross-Region Replication (CRR) which replicates data across different AWS Regions. Together, SRR and CRR form Amazon S3 Replication to deliver enterprise-class replication features such as cross-account replication for protection against accidental deletion and replication to any Amazon S3 storage class, including S3 Glacier and S3 Glacier Deep Archive to create backups and long-term archives. With SRR, new objects uploaded to an Amazon S3 bucket are configured for replication at the bucket, prefix, or object tag levels. Replicated objects can be owned by the same AWS account as the original copy or by different accounts, to protect from accidental deletion.

Source:: Amazon AWS