New Demands Require Organizations to Rethink Data Center Environments

By GIXnews

Data Center Environment

New kinds of demands are requiring modern organizations to rethink their data center environment. That’s according to a new report from Data Aire that explores how to use environmental management solutions to build more sustainable, resilient and efficient data centers.

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The demands include those related to how the distribution of IT has allowed the data center ecosystem to become even more distributed. New edge deployments and even more powerful hybrid solutions have been made possible.

“But, it’s not just the data center that matters,” DataAire points out. “It’s also the buildings, facilities, and the levels of efficiency these locations can bring in support of the data center.”

And infrastructure efficiency has become a big concern for many of today’s organizations. Executive teams and administrations are tasked with reducing the overall footprint of their organizations, while simultaneously improving density and efficiency.

That’s a challenge when power, as well as utilization rates continue to go up, Data Aire points out.

Power costs are increasing annually in large part due to cost per kilowatt-hour (kwh) increases and underlying demand, especially for high power density servers.

“Here’s the reality: The data center ecosystem will continue to evolve and become even more critical for the organization. Infrastructure efficiency has been a huge concern for many organizations.” — Data Aire

DataAire asks readers this big question: How do you manage all of this growth? The company contends that in today’s digital world, data center leaders, engineers and general contractors need to look at data center design from a different perspective.

Managing things like environmental variables, cooling, energy, air-flow, and even overall design are critical steps in creating a greener data center for a truly digital future, asserts DataAire, and also can put organizations well ahead on achieving their efficiency and sustainability goals.

The new guide highlights the importance of environmental management, how the data center has evolved to support new kinds of cooling and efficiency methods, new capabilities around environmental design, and what the future holds for the modern data center.

It also includes references to real-world case-studies where environmental designs and solutions played a key role in helping organizations “future-proof their data centers.”

The new report includes the following sections:

  • Managing Environmental Variables: Airflow Management Has Come a Long Way
  • Going Green Helps You Get the Most Value Out of Your Environmental Management Solution
  • Case Study: Putting Design Engineers in the Efficiency Drivers Seat – The One Wilshire Story
  • Section 3 – When Design Matters, The Right Partners Mean Everything

Download the new report,“The Greener Future: A Guide to Using Environmental Management Solutions to Build Sustainable Data-Centric Spaces,” from Data Aire, to explore a new era of data center design.

Source:: Data Center Frontier