Killer’s AX 1650 network card taps Wi-Fi 6 for wireless gaming that doesn’t suck

By GIXnews

Gamers may prefer wired connections to wireless ones, but Rivet Network’s new Killer AX 1650 network card just might convince some folks that it’s finally time to cut the cord.

The Killer AX 1650 is built on an Intel chipset but ladles on many of the gaming-focused features Killer is known for. Wi-Fi 6, which used to be called 802.11ax, operates in the same frequency of 802.11ac (now called Wi-Fi 5). It increases throughput up to 2.4Gbps and provides greatly decreased latency, all while improving battery life. You can read PCWorld’s deeper dive into 802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6 for more details, but just know that it’s designed to deal with the network congestion of modern computing.

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