GNU Binutils aout_32_swap_std_reloc_out Function Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability

A vulnerability in GNU Binutils could allow a local attacker
to cause a denial of service (DoS) condition on a targeted system.

The vulnerability is due to an input validation error that exists in the aout_32_swap_std_reloc_out function, as defined in the aoutx.h source code file of the
GNU Binary File Descriptor (BFD) library used by the affected software. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by supplying a crafted file to the targeted system. A successful exploit could allow
the attacker to cause a segmentation fault that could result in a DoS condition on the targeted system.

Proof-of-concept (PoC) code that demonstrates an exploit of this vulnerability is publicly available.

The vendor has not confirmed this vulnerability and software updates are not available.

Security Impact Rating: Medium

CVE: CVE-2018-14038

Source:: Cisco Multivendor Vulnerability Alerts