Ring Video Doorbell review: The gadget that makes crooks think you never leave home

My house has never had a doorbell. This alone makes me a good candidate for the $179 Ring Video Doorbell, which uses home Wi-Fi to transmit the sound of a doorbell chime directly to smartphones, as well as to Ring’s $30 wall-mounted Chime accessory.

But there’s a deeper reason why I wanted to test Ring: It’s got intriguing home-security features that could discourage the crooks who’ve been targeting my neighborhood in a series of daytime robberies.

Burglars typically start these capers by ringing the doorbell to determine if anyone’s home. The Ring Video Doorbell, thanks to its built-in video camera with two-way communication, directly addresses this nefarious use case by making the bad guys think you’re always at home. There’s also a motion alert feature that let’s you see who’s come to the door, even if they never press the doorbell button.

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