First Alert Onelink review: This Homekit smoke alarm can smell a fire, but its push alerts need work

If you’re not in a Nest environment, First Alert’s Onelink—which takes its design cues closely from the Nest Protect—is be worth a look. It offers the same square design and color-coded LED ring around a central mute button. The only major difference in the looks department is that the Onelink’s ring (at least on the hardwired version) can be set to work as a nightlight. In the app, you can even specify how bright you’d like it to be.

Under the hood, the main change from the Protect to the Onelink is that the Onelink detector is a HomeKit device, one of very few smoke detectors on the market that support the Apple smart home standard. Unfortunately, HomeKit adds very little to the picture here. I configured the Onelink with an Apple TV, but using it with the iOS Home app offered no real new features except to confirm that the alarm hadn’t been tripped. (Being able to ask Siri if my house is on fire just doesn’t seem like a terribly compelling use of smart home technology.) The dedicated Onelink app is more responsive, but even here you are primarily limited to testing the alarm, viewing alarm history, and setting the aforementioned nightlight brightness.

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