Logitech Powerplay review: Wireless-charging mouse pad will make you a believer

I’ve been converted. I never thought I’d be a wireless-mouse fan—first because wireless performance always lagged behind that of a wired mouse, then later because I was too lazy to periodically charge the damn thing. I could see the benefits of a wireless headset and could make charging one of those part of my daily routine. But a little cord drag on a mouse seemed a small price to pay for convenience.

And yet here we are. Logitech’s new Powerplay technology, centered on a mouse pad that charges your wireless mouse while you’re using it, has made me a wireless believer.

I might never go back.

Cord cutter

Powerplay is a two-part system: the aforementioned mouse pad and then (at the moment) one of two compatible mice to go along with it. Those mice, the G703 and G903, can be used independent of the Powerplay mouse pad, as just your everyday lithium-ion powered wireless mice, complete with a cord you need to periodically plug in for recharging. Thus I might mention them offhand, but for the sake of clarity I’m going to focus primarily on the mouse pad here. Feel free to check out our full reviews of the right-handed G703 and ambidextrous G903 though.

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