No, it’s not just you. The Dell Latitude 5285 hybrid is a dead ringer for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. But while Microsoft targets consumers and businesses with its Surface Pro 4, Dell has honed its Latitude 5285 2-in-1 for the enterprise, forgoing features aimed at entertainment in favor of performance, security, and connectivity enhancements that may just have businesses sold on the hybrid “tabtop” concept.


On the surface, the Latitude 5285 is an unabashed clone of Microsoft’s hybrid. That’s not a bad thing, given the Surface Pro 4’s solid design. And where it differs, with its brushed metal finish in carbon black and its sleeker contours, the Latitude 5285 looks and feels like an upgrade over the now-tired design of the Surface Pro 4.

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The Dell Latitude 5285: A hybrid tablet primed for business