What happens if your thermostat is hacked? Researchers name the top 7 security threats

What happens if a bad actor turns off your heat in the middle of winter, then demands $1,000 to turn it back on? Or even holds a small city’s power for ransom? Those kinds of attacks were among the top threats that security experts worried about at the RSA security conference this week.

While consumers don’t necessarily have to be concerned about all seven of the most dangerous types of attacks identified by the SANS Institute, several target consumers directly. The remainder could eventually “filter down” to consumers, though the effects might not be felt for some time.

Why this matters: Knowing what might affect your home network of devices is important knowledge, even if it’s up to someone else to build in the sort of protection that security experts are worried about. If you’re going to buy a connected gizmo for your growing smarthome collection, be sure it contains built-in security—or face the consequences.

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